Defining the tokenomics of the Tokenomics DAO

  • What value do we, as the Tokenomics DAO, want to create?
  • What is the mechanism of capturing the created value?
  • How to ensure not being a zero-sum-game? How is this not a Ponzi?
  • How can incentives be used to motivate the community to work towards a common goal?
  • Principal agent theory: does more ownership lead to better contribution?
  • How to pay for a contribution (P2P paychecks)?
  • Tokens to raise capital or tokens to raise time or both?
  • Retention of members
  • Vesting and lockup periods and issuance.
  • What is the right token supply?
  • At what point should a token be launched?
  • How to ensure liquidity?
  • How to control the token once it’s released?
  • Where does token demand come from (utility)?
  • Governance.
  • How to reduce velocity?



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Florian Strauf

Florian Strauf

tech guy curious about investing, crypto, decentralization and technology in general.