From roadmap to token

  1. We identify the problems we need to solve in order to get there (e.g., how can we trust strangers in the DAO),
  2. We circle in on how incentives can help solve the problems (e.g., membership ranks, shadowing, token staking/lockups during engagements).
  • Consulting: “Solve problems for clients”
  • Education: “Teach tokenomics and build community knowledge”
  • DAO: “Work on the DAO, not in the DAO”


Onboarding and upskilling new members: We currently are a small core team that wants to expand. Our focus is to onboard trustworthy and engaged individuals. A proof of work onboarding process will help us to achieve this (the below diagram shows how).

  1. What keeps members learning?
  2. How to ensure members stay active?


Scaling content production: Most of the content is produced by me. We want to change this using the onboarding process where we co-author and research together until members are ready for publishing on our platform.

  1. How to enable a group of people to represent the voice of one DAO?
  2. How to get knowledgeable people to share their knowledge?


Delivering our first consulting engagements: After completing our recent project, we are excited to be working on more. Involving new members into project delivery is crucial to scaling beyond a one or two man show. It also broadens the DAO’s core competencies and overall depth of knowledge.

  1. How can we help the client trust us and our resources?
  2. What stops successful consultants from running off and soloing on the next gig?


Setting up a DAO structure and token: We still don’t have a DAO and no token yet. Working on what we need it for is part of this series of articles and discussions happening within the community.

  1. How to keep the community active and engaged (e.g., get members to answer questions, attend events etc.)?
  2. Ensure talent stays within the ecosystem and keeps contributing to the flywheel even over time.

How could a token support the flywheel?

It seems that our core mechanism is the flywheel. The flywheel, when spinning, creates revenue via consulting (and content-revenue in the future), keeping it spinning should be our highest priority. The problem is that it won’t be natural to keep the flywheel going as the money comes from consulting so consulting will be at the core of our efforts. To mitigate this effect we could perhaps borrow from the airline miles system, where members earn miles only when flying. We might pay out a token only for proof of work. The token then could entitle to a share of the revenue generated from consulting to ensure content producers get a share of what is created.



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Florian Strauf

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